The Lost Key

- a cinematic sound novel -

cinematography: lefpeg lowdet


A woman right in the middle of her years, a lost key, a big city...


The more Sylvia walks away from her home to find the
key, the more her old life and identity fade into the sound
of nocturnal streets-scenes. She walks on and on,

diving deeper into a world, that becomes more and more surreal ...


With every step the border between her inner and outer worlds,

between dreams and reality, between the things she sees with her eyes

and things that go on in her head, become increasingly blurred...



Sylvia’s odyssey is accompanied by Nino Rota’s music for Fellini films 

including 8 ½, La Dolce Vita and Amarcord. 

les Sceneries

                                                                                                Alle Fotos:Lefpeg Lowdet

le Music

All compositions by Nino Rota except: 

*composed by Rotatonics, ° composed by Max Manila

All arrangements by Rotatonics

les Musicians

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Foto:Lefpeg Lowdet

Guest Musicians

Tom Dajan: Drums 

Detlef Pegelow: Percussion 

Antoine Elies: Voice 

le Rest(of the best)

Produced by Rotatonics
Recording & mixing: Carsten Wegener
@ Patsh n Pepper Studio/Berlin

Mastering: Perro Peligroso
Athmos & Sounddesign: Carsten Wegener

Cover design & Photography: Detlef Pegelow