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ROTATONICS est né de notre passion commune pour la musique du compositeur italien Nino Rota 

ROTATONICS : deux musiciens berlinois Marie-Elsa Drelon et Carsten Wegener.

Nous aimons les instruments originaux : piano et lap steel, orgue et scie musicale.

En plus de la musique de film, notre répertoire s'étend au chanson, tango et à la musique classique .                          

What's up...


Our very first Album" The Lost Key" is completed and out in the world. 

It is a cinematic sound novel about a woman right in the middle of her years, a lost key, a big city. 

The more Sylvia walks away from her home to find the
key, the more her old life and identity fade into the sound
of nocturnal street-scenes. She walks on and on, diving deeper into a world, that becomes more and more surreal ... 

With every step the border between her inner and outer worlds, between dreams and reality, between the things she sees with her eyes and things that go on in her head, become increasingly blurred. 

Sylvia’s odyssey is accompanied by Nino Rota’s music for Fellini films including 8 1/2, La Dolce Vita and Amarcord, as arranged and interpreted by Rotatonics. 



The Album_Release_Party is on the 10.11. in Berlin.

Come and join us!

Nino Rota - Fellinistica

                                                                                                                                              foto: lefdet lowpeg

Tango Berlinois

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